The Wheelhouse #2 – Schedules Make the World Go ‘Round!

Time management skills are pretty important for writing. Over the last month as I’ve attempted to create a schedule for Correndor, I realized I’m not that great in that department. No doubt time management relates to discipline but it’s certainly significant in it’s own right. Early in March I was trying to figure out how … Continue reading The Wheelhouse #2 – Schedules Make the World Go ‘Round!


Correndor Weekly #1 – Inspiration

There’s palpable excitement when inspiration strikes. You can see the flow of a story or the structure of a sentence that explains in perfect detail the concept you are sorely trying to convey. Inspiration is one of the many reasons I love writing. If you can harness it’s powerful motivation, then it is constructive asset … Continue reading Correndor Weekly #1 – Inspiration

Writer’s Block – That Deep Dark Hole

I am a firm believer that every discipline in life has it's own block. For some, a lack of motivation provides the main obstruction. Someone who works out regularly might come home from a long work day and not feel it. It's easy to say, "I'm just not motivated. I'll leave the gym more exhausted … Continue reading Writer’s Block – That Deep Dark Hole

“Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams”

There's more than one way to accomplish your goals. Thinking outside the box isn't revolutionary. In fact, I told myself to do it on many occasions this year, when it came to writing. But it is hard. I wanted to do something unique with the stories rolling around in my head. Yet I felt uncomfortable approaching … Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams”

52 Poems: Week 24 – See You Later

I’m not very good at saying goodbye, It’s usually a hug, a wave or high five. Friends deserve more than words can convey Certainly when they are moving away.   I want them to know how special they are, Whether they’re near or whether they’re far. So this is my way of saying it here, … Continue reading 52 Poems: Week 24 – See You Later