52 Poems: Week 12 – The Ease of Poetry

The tricky thing with poems, is starting with a theme,

And finding words that fit it, is harder than it seems.

At times you sit and sit and wait and wait again some more,

Then inspiration strikes and you’re writing words galore!


Oft instead procrastination leads to hurried prose,

Resulting in a poem that hardly ever flows.

Take the time to think about a theme on which to write,

Just know if you’re like me, you’ll find it quite the fight.


I must confess that even this, this poem that I composed,

My attitude inspired, for it was quite morose.

It’s birth was not of wit or mirth, nor any clever thing,

Instead I thought, “What’s the point? It’s not worth anything.”


The irony is clear to me, it’s difficult to miss,

Believing it was hard to write surprised me with a twist.

As long as it revolves around desiring to please,

I can take my doleful mood and pen a poem with ease.

52 Poems: Week 6 – Sonnet

When the sun peeks over the horizon,

And eyelids flutter open at the dawn,

Nothing else will get me up and rising,

As I battle through my stretches and yawns.

Carefully measured beans I now pour,

Into the grinder they fall to be press’d.

Grounds release an aroma I adore,

Their elements create a drink so bless’d.

With my mug in hand and the liquid hot,

I tilt my cup to drink, the taste supreme!

Adding to my cup as an afterthought,

A dash of sugar and a drop of cream.

Awake now, the morning ritual done,

Coffee in hand, the day has just begun.