52 Poems: Week 22 – You Win Some, You Lose Some

I find it hard to not plateau when apathy sets in. A constant struggle just to grow, a fight that I must win. So though I may not always end the victor o’er my foe, I must at least commend myself for putting on a show.


52 Poems: Week 21 – The Game

The clatter echoes loud and clear, The sound a noise they dread to hear It’s end will sway their deadly dance Their fate tied up in fickle chance A fail could mean this ends in death And as they wait with baited breath The rocking stops, the rattle ends And with a shout, the group … Continue reading 52 Poems: Week 21 – The Game

52 Poems: Week 20 – Hero

The men of old, some legends say Could singlehandedly save the day When hope was gone and all seemed lost, A man would rise and pay the cost, To see his village, kingdom, country, Rally and raise the banner firmly Defying their foe, no matter the kind, The man, their leader, they march behind To … Continue reading 52 Poems: Week 20 – Hero

52 Poems: Week 19 – Agni

Four legs, two eyes, a sinuous tail, A prickly beard, a belly pale. Reddish orange, his color and hue, Grows vibrant as his food he chews. At first reluctant, he allows a touch, The occasional rub but nothing much. Until with patient working out, I can approach and rub his snout. He’s wild still, fearsomely … Continue reading 52 Poems: Week 19 – Agni