Correndor: A Beginning

Hi there!

Welcome to Correndor, a WordPress for my writings. Here you’ll find short stories, novellas, poems, and other writings that I pen in my free time. Correndor is an effort to be disciplined in subject of writing, whether it’s projects such as 52 Poems, Here There Be Dragons, or even highlights from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m working on. At the moment there will likely only be poems posted. I have two stories in the wings but they are taking quite a bit of time to finish and polish. When I feel like they are as complete as I can make them, I’ll publish them here!

About the name: Correndor was the first fictional setting that I wrote in creatively. I had never finished a story prior to creating the kingdom of Correndor. I find it fitting that another start, here on WordPress, should follow in it’s footsteps.

I hope you enjoy the posts!


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